Recipes - Merkts Cheese Spread

merkts recipes

merkts recipes

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or for yourself, our recipes hit the spot every time.

Serve Up Something Scrumptious
Inside-Out BBBQ Burger
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BBBQ Burger

This burger’s stuffed with Merkts and applewood smoked bacon. And no, we didn’t type an extra “B.”

Cheesy “HOT” Dog
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Now this is a hot, hotdog! Our advice: Have plenty of water available.

Bacon Cheese Pig Wings
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Bacon Cheese
Pig Wings

They’re big, they’re cheesy, and they’re addicting! You’ve been warned!

Prime Time Queso with Potato Skins
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prime time

Chunks of savory steak, creamy horseradish and Merkts combine to make one hearty queso.

Huevos Fajita Taco
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fajita taco

Breakfast or late-night snacking never tasted so good!

Steak And Eggs Benedict
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Steak And Eggs

No wimpy ham or Hollandaise sauce here. This egg benedict got all beefed up.

Drunken Beer Potatoes
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drunken beer

What dreams are made of: Merkts Beer Spread Cheese and perfectly seasoned potatoes.

Drunken Monkey Bread
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Drunken Monkey

This appetizer is warm, gooey and full of flavor. Sold? We thought so.

Eggs Benedict with crispy chicken and sautéed spinach
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This boozy take on eggs benedict will make you want to eat brunch all day long.